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All Trailer Types

Our Indianapolis mobile trailer mechanics work on all chassis and trailer types.

Semi trailers

Straight trucks / Box trucks

Reefers / Refrigerated units


Tractor trailers

Heavy haulers

Car haulers

Moving vans


Reefer Trailer Repair

Reefer and refrigeration units are mission critical when it comes to transporting perishable items through Indianapolis. On call 24/7, our reefer trailer repair services can get the job done right, right now. We service and repair single temp, multi-temp and hybrid systems. We also repair APUs (auxiliary power units) and idle free systems. If you refrigerated system is down, we can fix it now!


Truck Liftgate Repair

When your liftgate stops, so does your cargo. On-Time Mobile Truck Repair can fix any mechanical failures with your liftgate in or around the Indianapolis Metro Area. Often liftgate issues occur due to failure of hydraulic or electrical components so we stock common parts on our service trucks to get you back up and running quickly. Give us a call if your commercial truck is experiencing liftgate issues in Indianapolis.


Keep Deliveries on Schedule

As a truck driver, owner-operator or fleet, downtime for your semi trailer or box truck can be the difference between profit and loss. At On-Time Mobile Truck Repair we understand time is the most important variable in keeping your profits and reputation, so we strive to keep you moving. Our mobile trailer mechanics are located throughout Indianapolis and ready to serve you.

Common Semi Trailer Issues

Tire blowouts

Semi trailer tire repair in Indianapolis is the number one reason for roadside trailer service calls.

Refrigeration systems

Often a fluid leak or some component within the condenser can cause refrigeration systems to fail on reefer trailers.

Trailer lighting

Turn signals, stop and brake lights and other reflective devices often become damaged or fail on semi trailers.

Trailer brakes

Air brake valves can become damaged or blocked, or for other reasons the air pressure may be restricted to the brake chamber.

Lift gates

Hydraulic and electrical components are often to blame when a lift gate fails to properly function.

Air lines

Trailer air lines control the braking and brake chambers and are under constant pressure and may become faulty.

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